Monday, July 18, 2011

Ollieisms III

David:  I have to close Poster Plus.

Oliver:  Why?

David:  Because the landlord is not a nice man and wants too much money.

Oliver:  Is Scott Walker the landlord?

Note:  Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin.   

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ollieisms II

* You bring me presents because you love me so much.

* - What's your favorite thing at the State Fair Oliver?  The cream puffs, the rides, the animals?

   - The next thing.

* You should always make pasta when you know I am coming to your house.

* I'm going to eat the big corn because I am hungrier than you are.  Your stomach didn't make noise like mine.

* Da Bears are the best. 


These past few days have been filled with grandchildren: last weekend in Madison for the Fourth of July, this weekend in Chicago for the 8th of July.  

On Monday in Madison we decorated Oliver's bike with patriotic colors: flags, ribbons, stickers and paraded down to Wingra Park for the festivities.  There were water balloon tosses, a fire truck, chips and salsa, ice cream, and general merriment.  We even ran into two families who know from Chicago!  Small world.   There was a "wife-carrying contest" that evening but we opted for a cookout.   Burgers and brats for the meat eaters, soysages and corn for the vegetarians.  The weather cooperated fully: sunny, warm, happy weather.    

On Tuesday we took Oliver to camp, waved goodbye from the window and came to Chicago.

This Friday in Chicago we celebrated David's birthday at Millenium Park along with friends and family.  Oliver and Adelaide and their parents came Friday afternoon and left today - Sunday.  The party was a huge success.  Classical music, Spanish guitars, a delicious black forest cake from Dinkel's, a warm and calm evening under the stars.  On Saturday we went to the Adams Playground Water Park and ran around getting wet for a long time.  I hadn't been there for over a year.  It was refreshing.  Ezri and her parents were there too for David to bask in the joy of his grandchildren.

I have enjoyed the grandchildren tremendously these past two weekends.  Exhausted but happy, I go back to my work.  (Look for more Olleisms coming up)