Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Siesta time

After a morning of Wiggleworms and lunch, we return home to sleep.  I hear the music of the swing in the living-room where Ezri sleeps: For Elise, Twinkle twinkle little star, Itsy bitsy spider.  This afternoon waiting for my souvlaki sandwich outside The Athenian Room a tv crew taped me eating kalamata chicken.  The host asked me when would Ezri be ready to eat chicken and then I had to talk about the food.  I told him I've been coming to The Athenian Room since it opened - 1972.  I remember the Gardiakos family: Basili, Sotiri, and the sister Basiliki.  Basili sold the place after six months to sail around the world.  I told the tv host Ezri would be ready in about 6 months.  She was smiling broadly, her big blue eyes shining.  I got my food and we walked home: to eat, to sleep, to write.  These sun-filled days lighten my heart, bring me joy and peace.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday was our first day at Wiggleworms with Ezri.  There were 11 other children between the ages of 6 and 12 months - all sitting on the floor with their mothers and a few grandmothers.  And even a great-grandmother!  I had forgotten how it goes at first but in a few minutes I got into the swing of things: singing, clapping, swaying, "The itsy-bitsy spider," "the wheels on the bus," and a few I hadn't heard before.  I love it!  And always marvel at the possibility I have given at this stage in my life to care for babies.  Ezri is a sweet child, quiet most of the time, easygoing.  She smiles when I talk to her.  She babbles.  After Oliver and Adelaide left town I was sad and missed the experience of feeding, going out for strolls, going to the playground, talking and singing.  Changing diapers not so much.  Now I have Ezri.  And sometimes I also have Oliver and Adelaide - when they come to Chicago and stay with us for five days like last week.  It was something!  Fun and exhausting at the same time.  Next weekend we're going to Madison to see them.  I'm sure it'll be fun and exhausting again.  But mostly great fun.  More later...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Something I read that made me ponder...

"The secret of happiness is to have low expectations."  That's what the Danish people said when they were surveyed about happiness and were found to be the happiest people in the world.  That's the opposite of my mother.  But how wonderful it would be to have low expectations!  David disagrees with me.  I strive to achieve that state but - sooner or later - fail. 

Most of us are accustomed to wanting more and more under the guise of needing more and more.  How much do we really need?  Downsize!  Downsize I say (mostly to myself).  That's a hard lesson to learn.


Oliver: You should not yell at Nana. 

David:  Why?

Oliver:  You will hurt her feelings.

David:  That's very grown up of you to say.

A pause.

Oliver:  And you should be careful when slicing carrots with a knife.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I wonder...

... when did people start needing music pumped into their ears at all times of day and night?  What's up with that?

...when did people start needing to carry water with them at all times of day and night?  What's up with that?

This new world baffles me at best, irks me at worst.  And sometimes it even drives me up a wall.  Be patient.  Be accepting.  I repeat to myself but it's not always easy. 

Anybody have an answer?  Or answers?