Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Last night we had to take shelter in the basement. The tornado sirens went off around midnight; we were all sleeping. I stumbled down the stairs and sat on the sofa in the dark. The two children were sleeping on the floor as if nothing was going on. Marc monitored the situation on his iPad while Christie slept next to the children and David sat down next to me. I wasn't really scared but the sirens kept ringing every few minutes. The whole affair lasted about an hour. After, we all returned to our respective beds.

I've been in Madison since Sunday attending the Write-by-the-Lake retreat at the University of Wisconsin. 

The workshop is proving useful; new ideas are forming during the exercises. The instructor is good and so are the other participants. The weather is very warm, downright hot sometimes, hence the thunderstorms, rain, and even tornado scares.

World Cup fever continues as well. I watched the Argentina vs. Bosnia/Herzegovina game on Sunday and the USA vs. Ghana yesterday. So glad to see so many people following the tournament. 

Tonight they forecast more rain. Not another tornado please!

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