Monday, May 26, 2014


Election fever has subsided.  People voted.  Votes were counted.  Some are elated, others not. Life goes on now as before.  I assume.  The results in some countries are not happy ones.  France, Denmark, Austria have elected right-wing, nationalist parties to sit at the European Council.  It does not bode well for the poor, the minorities.  I find it particularly hypocritical when those same Frenchmen, and Danes, and others, criticized, and still do, the United States for example for racist attitudes and behaviors.  Now that the "people of color" have come to their homes, they ain't happy about it.  Anti-immigrat/anti-semitic/anti-African rhetoric and actions bring to light their own racism. 

Last night I had a reunion of sorts - Evelyn, Nadia, and I met for coffee and, later, wine to catch-up, to reminisce, after about 30 years of not being together.  We were all friends in Chicago in the 1970s and 80s.  Then Evelyn moved to Greece, Nadia to California and then Canada.  I've seen each one of them separately but we hadn't been together since the early 80s.  To say it was fun is an understatement.  Between remembering our past adventures and misadventures and bringing each other up-to-date a good time was had by all.  Pictures to follow.

Saturday afternoon I saw Natasha at Monastiraki - a vast street market under the shadow of old buildings.  What a shame!  The riot of t-shirt vendors, jewelry, knick-knacks, restaurants, cafes, with their loud colors ruins the beauty of the ancient and medieval structures behind them.  My eyes are tired of so much gawdy signage, ugly storefronts, chaotic noise, hiding the elegance of the old Greece.  Why do they build unattractive concrete boxes everywhere, crowding streets and alleyways with people, cars, motorcycles?  Even the sky is difficult to appreciate when you look up in the middle of the city.  The only solution?  Get out of Athens.  And many people choose to live outside the city. 

In the evening Mom and I attended a mini-concert at the Syllabi Cafe where the owner - Philipos - sings and plays guitar accompanied by a bouzouki.  It was delightful and intimate - there were less than 15 people.  (The only drawback? Smoke.)

Friday I met Evelyn at Aegli in Zapeion.  Aegli is one of my favorite spots - a large cafe/restaurant in a large park/garden.  It's one of those oases in the middle of the noisy city where you forget the chaos and can enjoy quiet, trees, and open air.

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