Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It seems that every time I take the trolley to go downtown Athens something (or someone) closes the street.  Today was a political demonstration. What else?

So I joined them.

After all they were carrying red flags.  They couldn't be all that bad.  I took photos and listened to the passionate speeches.  Who are they?  Not anyone you'd know. A new breakout group from the bigger leftist party. Syriza.  A young woman asked me what I think, I said it's exciting. She was skeptical.  Not a fan I guess.

Afterwards I took a taxi and came to the cafe/bar where my cousin djs.  Loud music, loud people, not too bad.  Believe it or not, some of her friends know me already and come and greet me.  Kisses on both cheeks.  What's new?  How is your mom?  They know her too.  We make friends easily I guess.

The beer tastes good right now. And the din fuels my words.  I've been asked to join the group.  I feel like the elder female of the tribe.  After all I'm older than their mothers.  Although I bet I'm a lot cooler than they.  I'm just saying...

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